Kru Ting has a passion for training fighters and has dedicated much of his time and energy into creating some of the most recognisable fighters in Australia. Through building up a team of technical and tough fighters, Kru Ting has seen them advance to achieving internationally recognisable titles such as the WKA and WBC state and national titles. It is always important that Kru Tings’ fighters show a solid basis of Muay Thai in their training style.

Being one of the few Thai trainers in Melbourne, Kru Ting strives to teach Muay Thai in all aspects. From personal fitness, self-defence, fight philosophy to the artistic beauty of this sport. Kru has also participated in the Thai Food and Cultural Festival in the past few years, performing the “Wai Khru” – an action of respect to the teachers and trainers in the Thai culture performed by fighters before a fight. Kru Ting can also teach Wai Khru in classes if requested.

Kru Ting helped Alexi Petroulias to win multiple belts

KT with Alexi Petroulias before a fight